"Nightlife with a twist"
- L.A. Times 
"If you’ve got an embarrassing secret, you might want to bring a tin-foil hat." 
-Rick Lax, Las Vegas Weekly
"My department regularly works with the entire gamut of talented performers.  What sets Paul apart is his giftedness and craftsmanship in multiple areas of art, from singing, to educating, to performing magic…  We were incredibly fortunate to find such an accomplished person who can educate, entertain, and mesmerize an audience and help us put on a show that our fans will remember for the rest of their lives."
-Mike Rice, Vice President Information Technology Client Services, NBC Universal
& President of the El Segundo Concert Band 
"I have seen magic many times, but I have never had my mind blown, until I met Paul Draper!"
- Dana Snyder the voice of Master Shake on Comedy Central's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" 
"When Paul performed at Apple in front of several hundred of the world's smartest and sharpest software engineers and technologists, he kept them all enthralled and intrigued.  His focus was on challenging minds and hearts, and this he succeeded in doing before a tough professional audience.
Kim Silverman, Ph.D 
Principal Research Scientist, Spoken Language Technologies at Apple  
"Paul Draper wowed the crowd ... The crowd often responded to Draper's tricks with gasps of disbelief and claps of approval."
-Yale Daily News
"When we envisioned the person we wanted to create a magical experience in our CES booth, let's just say, Paul Draper far exceeded our expectations!"
- Dave Walton Vice President of Marketing, JVC
…Flawlessly portrayed by Paul Draper . 
-Deseret News 
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